The Best Online Stock App For All Investors – Stockbit – Stockbit Stock App – Invest in Stocks with the neighbourhood. Stockbit is the best supply application for all capitalists, both newbies and experts. Although Stockbit is not a safeties application, it is possible to open a stock account from Stokbit.

Stokbit is created as a supplied app for evaluation and discussed with other stock financiers who share the Stockbit Stock App.

The presence of Stokbit gives it a brand-new shade worldwide of supply investment, an excellent and extra appealing role as well as appearance, pleasing shades to consider, and info that is designed to make it very easy for customers to understand even if they are new to the stock globe.

Stokbit functions with each other with Sinarmas Sekuritas (Simas) to do real-time organization via Stokbit. They are two various firms that collaborate.

If we intend to open up a Stokbit account without opening a Sinarmas stock account (RDN), we can, truly.

Not just that, the duty of the Stokbit application can also resemble social networks for several investors who can produce standings, surveys, quotes, and more to make the Stokbit application a lot more effective.

General Description of the Stockbit Stock App

The Best Online Stock App For All Investors - Stockbit

To get started, you can open the internet site After that, register initially using Gmail or regular e-mail. You can likewise use a Facebook account. You can just login today for those who currently have an account.

You are asked to supply a smart device number for an explanation. Remember, one account can only obtain one smartphone number. You will get a statement code. After that, the code is recorded in the explanation column.

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Stockbit Premium Accounts

What’s the method to get a premium account? There are two choices the first. You pay month-to-month on Stokbit, as well as the 2nd, you open a Sinarmas Sekuritas account and deposit a quantity of IDR 5 million.

This is simply a down payment, Rp. 5 million is still yours and can be taken at any moment.

Stockbit Stock App Features

What can we do as well as gain in the Stockbit stock app?

1. Stockbit Basic Features

If our new account is active, What can use features are the same standard standards as various other safety and securities applications marketed. Several of the menus in this feature are:

  • Stock watchlist
  • Financial data as well as a company account
  • provider information

2. Supply Stream

Typically supply applications in it just data. While on Stokbit, there is a stock stream.

3. Stokbit Pro Tools

Stockbit Pro Tools is a plus factor for Stokbit. As we went over earlier in the Stokbit Feature point over, the attributes are fascinating. Sadly this feature is not free. We have to pay for professional devices, which supply relief for us.

Costs are as adheres to:

  • IDR 150,000/ month for 12 months
  • IDR 200,000/ month for 6 months
  • IDR 250,000/ month for 1 month

To obtain a cost-free professional permit, you have to open up a supply RDN account using Stokbit. Later What will certainly open an account at Sinarmas Sekuritas. Afterwards, you can make a minimal down payment of IDR 5 million (which can be utilized for service deals), and then your account will become a vehicle Stokbit Pro for a lifetime.

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We should keep in mind that if our balance + equity (shares) is < Rp five million, Stokbit Pro will die. To reactivate, you need to top up your RDN equilibrium again.

Download And Install Stockbit Stock App

For those interested in starting a supply financial investment, you can download and mount the Stockbit Stock Application and start learning real-time stock analysis.

Download and install the stock bit supply app on the Play Store or the App Store. Utilize the search function to find stock bit Apps. Or download via the web link below:

Stockbit Stock App: Invest in Stocks with the community. Stockbit is the best supply application for all capitalists, both newbies and professionals. Stockbit is not a safeties application, and it is possible to open a stock account from Stokbit.

To get a free professional license, you have to open a supply RDN account using Stokbit. Download the stock bit supply application on the Play Store or the App Store.

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