Garda Auto All Risks Car Insurance – Example of Calculating The Premium for Garda Oto All Risk – Garda Oto All Risks / Comprehensive Garda Oto Insurance is very suitable for people who own private cars or companies with inventory assets in the form of motor vehicles such as cars by insuring their assets with auto insurance guarantees.

Garda Oto Car Insurance is a Garda Oto car insurance product that will provide reimbursement or renewal fees for any damage or loss. Vehicle damage sustained by Garda Auto includes falling objects, fires, evil deeds, theft, looting, road accidents, etc.

All Garda Oto All Risk Insurance offers to refer to the standard Indonesian vehicle insurance policy issued by AAUI and refer to the provisions of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Now Garda Oto has a more competitive price with perfect service.

All premiums for comprehensive car insurance/risk insurance are based on the market price of your car. The vehicle’s market price varies depending on the brand, type, and year of manufacture of your vehicle. The higher the price of the car, the lower the premium price for all risks/comprehensive car insurance.

Garda Auto All Risks Car Insurance - Example of Calculating The Premium for Garda Oto All Risk

Comprehensive (all risk) is compensation from the insurance company for the loss of some or all of the vehicle due to a breakdown, fire, malicious act, theft, theft, collision, collision, or other road accidents. Insurance is a legal agreement that ensures that the insurance company faction will protect you from risks and not bear any losses that could occur on your own.

Vehicle insurance is a particular type of vehicle insurance in which the risks that may occur in the vehicle are directed to the insurance company. When choosing car insurance, several things to consider are financial capability (security), service (service), and costs or expenses.

The premium is some money that must be paid each month as a commitment from the insured in return for his participation in the insurance.

All-risk insurance, or what is usually called comprehensive offers, are warranties for all types of vehicle damage, whether minor or significant. Minor damages include scratched car body, broken mirror, broken stop lamp, etc. Given the broad range covered, it is not surprising that the premium is higher than the TLO.

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Garda Auto Insurance Premium Calculation:

For example, calculating the Garda auto premium rate for all auto risk insurance is 2.5-3.5%. Some insurance companies provide an insurance rate of 1.5% for cars worth more than IDR 500 million. For example, to calculate the premium to be paid, you tend to choose all types of risk insurance for 193 million rupees compared to TLO. We take one of the patterns of insurance rate of 2.5% for a car at 150-300 million rupees. The amount to be paid is:

2.5% x IDR 193,000,000 = IDR 4,825,000

The amount of the TLO premium or all of the above risks will still be added through administrative costs. Generally, the administrative fee is less than IDR 50,000. (from

Garda Oto’s All Risk / Comprehensive Insurance guarantees compensation/renewal costs for loss, partial or total damage to a vehicle due to breakdown, fire, malicious act, theft, forfeiture, collision, or other road accidents.

All Garda Oto All Risk Insurance offers to refer to the standard Indonesian vehicle insurance policy issued by AAUI and refer to the provisions of the Financial Services Authority; now, Garda Oto has a more competitive price with perfect service.

Garda Oto All Risks Warranty Expand

In addition to the essential all-risk protection / comprehensive protection, you can also add protection for your vehicle and assets as follows:

Third-party legal liability

The insured’s legal liability for the losses incurred by the third party that result directly from a motor vehicle due to the risk it bears. If you hit another car and ask you to pay compensation, the Garda Oto faction will bear that cost. The number of dependents starts from Rp.5000000 to Rp. 100,000,000 – The additional premium you have to pay is only 1% of the fee if Rp. 10,000,000- add a premium of Rs 100,000-.

SRCC (Melee) + Disaster

This side expansion has a risk of loss due to riots, chaos, floods, storms, landslides, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions; the premium for this side expansion is 0.30% of the insurance value/car price; suppose your car price is Rs. 100,000,000 – then the amount of this premium is Rs. 350,000, -.

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Terror and sabotage

We are incurring losses from the risks of terrorism and vandalism on vehicles at a rate of 0.05% multiplied by the vehicle price.

Driver’s accident

Give him compensation for the risk felt by the driver in the event of an accident, and the amount is 0.5% of the insurance value of the driver; for example, the expected value is Rp. 10,000,000 – so the premium is Rs. 50,000, -.

Passenger personal accident coverage

Taking the passenger’s risk in an accident is 0.1% per passenger; if you are using a sedan with three passengers, you can add guarantees of 0.1% premium x 3 passengers x insured value, e.g., IDR 10000000 per passenger = Rs. 30,000, -.

Comprehensive Car Insurance / All Risks (Combined Loss)

Comprehensive or all-risk insurance will provide guarantees for:

  • Loss/damage to the insured vehicle due to collision, overturning, or slipping off the road.
  • Financial loss/damage to a motorbike due to evil deeds committed by many persons except for their family members/people who work with the insured or bring the vehicle with the insured’s permission.
  • Fires caused by a fire inside or outside the vehicle.
  • Theft, including violent robberies.
  • lightning strike.

Exposed risks:

any uncalculated risks in your policy;

  • Breach of the obligations of the policyholder or the insured.
  • any circumstances that lead to the insured faction losing the right to compensation;
  • Environmental pollution;
  • involved in a legal case;
  • denial incidents (bad intentions);

Address of Garda Auto Insurance Branch

For more detailed information about the address of the branch of Garda Oto car insurance in Jakarta, Surabaya, and other major cities or those closest to your city, the list of addresses of Garda Oto car insurance branches is as follows:

Garda Auto car insurance address in Jakarta

Jakarta branch office address:
headquarters :

J. T. B. Simatupang Kv.15, Lebak Bulus, Cilandak, Jakarta 12440, South Jakarta.

South Jakarta :

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Tenden J. Captain Tenden no. 26 Jakarta 12720, South Jakarta.

North Jakarta :

Kelapa Gading, J.; Barat Boulevard Banner LC 6 No. 21-22 KGD, Jakarta 14240, North Jakarta.

J. Manga Dua Raya, Textile Ruko Blok C. 6 No. 2, North Jakarta 14430

Central Jakarta :

manga dua ji Manga Dua Raya, Textile Ruko Blok C. 6 No. 2, North Jakarta 14430, Central Jakarta.

Garda Insurance Center Garda Auto Jakarta Address :

  • Pacific, B2 Floor, SCBD Pacific Place Mall, Jl. Sudirman Recruit 52-53, South Jakarta.
  • Astra Insurance Graha J. TB Simatupang Kav. 15, Cilandak, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.
  • Kota Casablanca J. Casablanca Banner K. 88, South Jakarta, LG Floor, South Jakarta.
  • Pluit JunctionGround Floor, Jl. Pluit Raya No. 1 – Beloit, North Jakarta
  • Sibubur JunctionBasement 1, Jl. Camp No. 1, Sibopur, East Jakarta.
  • Lippo Plaza Karamat JatiB1 Floor, Jalan Raya Bogor, Km 19, East Jakarta.
  • Cipinang Indah . Mall, LG Lobby, Jl. Raya Kalimalang No. 88, East Jakarta.
  • Puri Indah Mall, J. Puri Agung, Puri Indah, Jakarta 11610

Garda Oto Insurance Garda Center outside Jakarta

The Garda Oto Car Insurance Centers are located outside Jakarta, such as Garda Oto Car Insurance address in Bekasi, Garda Oto Car Insurance address in Banjarmasin, Garda Oto Car Insurance address in Surabaya, and Garda Oto Car Insurance address in Lampung.

Garda Square Center
Passage supermarket
The first floor next to the ATM center
J. Gatot Subroto No. 288,

Garda Depok City Center
de mall
GF Atrium
J. Raya Margonda Caf. 88,

Garda Square Center
Hermes Place
G.F. floor
J. W. Monginsidi No. 45, Bologna Square,

Garda Bekasi Center
Lippo Cikarang Mall
GF West Lobby
J. M.H. Thamrin, Cikarang

Garda Solo Center
Park Solo
Ground floor next to customer service
Solo Permai Expressway, Solo Barrow, Sukoharjo,
Solo – Central Java

Garda Tangerang Center
Balikota Mall
G.F. floor
J. The general. Sudirman 10 km
Tangerang City 15119

Garda Surabaya Center
BG Junction Surabaya
P7 floor, in the ACC Used Car Center
J. Lathe No. 1-7 BG Junction,


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