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Protection against the risk of global death for whatever reasonand the risk of Total &Fixed Defects.

Disability Compensation, Total & Fixed

Death Compensation Is Not Due to An Accident

Compensation for Deaths From Accidents In Addition to Super Life Protection

The age of entry is the age of the Insured when starting the insurance contributions.

a certain amount of money that must be paid every month as an obligation according to the insured for his participation in the premium.

Sum insured is compensation or the amount of money that will be given to heirs based on the insurance company as the insurer, in case of the risk of death to the insured.

The total limit of Sum Insured that can be owned per Insured is up to 1.5 Billion for product purchases such as: Super Safe, Super Motor, Super Life and Super Strong.

Example illustration:The insured buys Super Life Bronze Plan products using Sum insured of 200 million, then buys Super Safe Gold Plan products with 1 billion sum insured, then the following month buys again Super Strong Gold Plan products with the benefit of Sum insured as much as 300 million. So, the total accumulation of UP owned by the Insured amounted to 1.5 billion.

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By knowing your age, Super You can provide insurance prices that are appropriate.

Life insurance is a liability contribution that aims as protection for the life of a person who applies within a certain period of time. Life insurance will generally be covered by the insurance company as an insurer against the insurance policy holder.

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First, life insurance contributions bear people against non-suspected losses such as the risk of death. Second, life insurance contributions can be used as another alternative to meet long-term needs. Third, protection against the risk of global death from diseases that cause global death. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have life insurance dues as a future protection investment.

Life insurance is divided into term life premiums, namely exclusive current term protection, life insurance contributions for life, namely life protection using other words can be used as long-term savings moneysit, unit link life insurance is the choice of premium dough & investment, & dwiguna life premium that is a package of coverage and savings contributions in the exclusive current term.

As life insurance, Super Life provides the cost of coverage for the risk of death because of anything. This includes the risk of COVID-19 impact.

Prepare several documents for filing a claim, such as a Claim Submission Form, Doctor’s Certificate, and Photocopy of the Insured’s ID card. Other supporting documents are also expected according to the claims submitted:

Claims of Death: Beneficiary Fill Form, Photocopy of Policyholder ID Card, Certificate / Death Certificate.Total & Fixed Disability Claims: Photocopy of policyholder’s ID card.

You can download the form you need on your account dashboard.

The submission of a claim for payment of Insurance Benefits must be formally written and sent to the Head Office of PT. Sequis Life Insurance at 3 (three) months after the date of death or missed diagnosis of Total &Fixed Disability. If you need further information or assistance, please contact our Customer Service on (021) 2994 2929.

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Super Life nir can bear some risks of dying, for example:Suicide.Sentence died.The risk of a job being military.Not included in the SPA.Dangerous sports/hobbies, such as racing, sailing, mountain climbing.A deliberate crime.Acts/attempts to break the law.What Do They Say About Super You What’s not covered by Super Life?

Treatment and treatment for critical illness risk

The list of the nearest associate’s sick residences, makes it easy for you to care with a Super You premium membership card.

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